Have you ever been let down by a building contractor? At Corvus, we’re confident that our complete management service and total commitment to quality make us different. We always do what we say we will. Perhaps that’s why so many customers use us again and again. Sharp suits aren’t our style but we will turn up with a determination to give you the best service, extensive technical know-how and a proactive approach to getting the job done.

Clear and prompt communication is at the heart of our project management approach. You’ll have one point of contact and we’ll plan a schedule in advance; keeping you informed every step of the way.

Our own skilled team

We have a skilled team of direct employees for our core services; highly competent staff who will see any job through until it’s finished. As part of our professional approach, all Corvus employees can be identified on-site by their company uniforms. We have a big commitment to development and training, and make sure our staff are up-to-date with all the latest health and safety regulations and training procedures.

We know our stuff

You won’t find us silently taking notes during a meeting – we’ll actively share knowledge with you and provide any advice you need right from the start. Our passion for our business and in-depth knowledge means we’ll anticipate issues and provide the practical expertise that knows how to get a job done effectively. We also stick to our promises – we’ll be there when we say we will. And we’ll work round you – we understand you have a job to do.