Our Warehouse Services

We can provide you with carefully-planned tactical solutions to prevent on-going damage in a warehouse area or general damage caused by the daily movement of traffic through busy warehouses. We also adapt existing layouts to suit health and safety requirements.

Safety Barriers

We can install protective barriers against MHE equipment and safe walkways around the site.

Dock Shelters

Talk to us about replacement dock shelter curtains and dock buffers or surrounding cladding replacement or repairs.

Heating Systems

We carry out all service and maintenance work on heating systems. If you need a replacement boiler or associated component, we can deal with any repairs or replacement efficiently and without causing unnecessary disruption to your working environment.

Storage Cages

We can provide means of secure storage cages to suit your requirements, from solid partitioned areas to mesh panel enclosures.

Floor Repairs

Where a concrete floor may have worn or broken up, we carry out repairs and replacement using a variety of epoxy mortars, screeds and top surface dressings. Quite often with floor repairs, there are tight time constraints, either to carry out the repair for safety reasons or for a quick drying time to release the area to avoid downtime. We offer various products and working hours so that we can respond to your requirements.

Floor Demarcation and Lining

Safety walkways and designated routes can be easily created using floor markings. Hot thermoplastic applied screeds can also be applied to create a heavier duty application on vehicular loading bays and general car park areas.


Our service includes high bay and general lighting maintenance and installation, as well as helping with power requirements from single phase to 3 phase, general installation, testing and fault finding.